Wildlife Impact Assessment of proposed Samruddhi Expressway, Maharashtra

Assessment of impacts of the proposed Nagpur-Mumbai Super Communication Expressway, Maharashtra, Samruddhi Corridor on wildlife values and measures recommended mitigating negative impacts.

India has the second largest road network in the world which continues to expand with the growing need for development. There is an urgent need to rethink and design new ecosystems that allow us to conserve wildlands of our country despite the infiltration of infrastructure and anthropogenic footprint. It is the first of its kind intervention where a road development agency has joined hands with the conservation community for mitigating and minimising adverse impacts of building a road on its surrounding ecology. The Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation and Wildlife Institute of India envisage implementation of mitigation strategies within and beyond the protected areas located along the proposed 8-lane expressway from Nagpur to Mumbai. With its pioneering work in laying out a regulatory framework of eco-friendly mitigation measures for linear infrastructure in Protected Areas, WII will design a roadmap for implementing a holistic methodology for developing conservation sensitive road infrastructure in India.

Funding agency: Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation
Project Scientists: Indranil Mondal, Shivam Shrotriya
Researchers: Bhumika P. Morey, Kunjan Joshi, Pandurang Pawar, Vidhi Modi, Yashashree Garge

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