Current Researchers

Current researchers

Akanksha Saxena

Akanksha received her bachelor’s degree in Applied Life Sciences (environmental sciences) from the ... view profile

Ankita Bhattacharya

Books and television played a very important role in tweaking my curiosity for the animal world and the ...
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Hussain Reshamwala

Walking in the serene deodar and oak forests while doing my bachelors and masters in Forestry ...
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Kunjan Joshi

While living in a lustrous green colony in suburbs of Mumbai, Kunjan developed an interest in wildlife ...
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Lynette Gomes

Lynette hails from Kolkata and completed her post graduation in Environmental Sciences. She loves ...
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Shivam Shrotriya

Shivam studied the effect of cave morphology on the ecosystems of the caves in Bastar, India during ... view profile

Nilanjan Chatterjee

Tryst with the animal world began for Nilanjan through his lenses. He travelled to different ...
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Pallavi Ghaskadbi

Pallavi is a Masters alumna and now a PhD scholar at the Wildlife Institute of India. Her academic ...
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Pandurang Pawar

Pandurang has his roots deeply sown in the pristine farms of central Maharashtra landscape. Growing ...
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Shaheer Khan

Shaheer Khan did his masters in Wildlife Sciences from Aligarh Muslim. He did his M.Phil. from ...
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Shrushti Modi

Shrushti has done her masters in biotechnology from M.S. University of Baroda, Vadodara. She got ...
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Lauren Hennelly

Lauren is a Ph.D student at the University of California, Davis and an External PhD scholar at the ...
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Neeraj Mahar

Neeraj completed his Masters in Environmental Sciences. Before joining WII, he explored high ...
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