Ecology of Asiatic Wild Dog (Dhole)

Since 2014, we have been studying dholes in the Eastern Vidarbha Landscape, Maharashtra. The Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is our intensive study area within the landscape. Our work on dholes focuses on their behavioural ecology and space use. We started off by developing the first ever ethogram for the Asiatic wild dogs from the dry deciduous forests of central India. We reported two behaviours which were new to science through this study. Since 2017, we have been intensively studying the ranging pattern and space use of this endangered canid. In order to track and monitor the elusive dholes, we have been using radio telemetry tools and have radio-collared 5 individuals in the study area. The individuals have been selected across various age and sex classes from 4 different packs. Our ongoing study has revealed how the only social canid from Indian forests is surviving amidst immense intraspecific competition from co-predators like tigers and leopards.

Researcher: Pallavi Ghaskadbi

Written by bhadmin

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