Ecology and Conservation of Himalayan Wolf

Himalayan wolf is the most ancient lineage of the wolves worldwide. Molecular studies have revealed the presence of three different lineages of wolves in India. Himalayan wolf diverged from others about 800,000 years ago making it basal to the wolf-dog clad. However, the taxonomic status of the Himalayan wolf remains a topic of debate, and its recognition as a separate species is pending with IUCN. Their population in the wild is considered precarious and little is known about the majestic hunters of the Himalayas. Himalayan wolves are one of the two large carnivores in the rugged and barren cold desert of the Trans-Himalayan landscape and found in India, Nepal and Tibet. Aspects of its ecology and taxonomy are still being explored. The current project was initiated to fill in this gap. We are studying their status, distribution, genetics and ecology in the Trans-Himalayan landscape of India.

Funding Agency: Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund and Wildlife Institute of India Grant-in Aid
Researchers: Shivam Shrotriya, Hussain Reshamwala
Project updates and material is available at:

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