Dispersal of Indian wolves in human-dominated landscape

Ecology of wolves with Emphasis on dispersal in a Human Dominated Landscape, Maharashtra, India

The Indian wolf is the top predator of open plains (semi-arid grasslands, scrublands, grazing land, etc.), categorized as a Schedule I species as per the Wildlife (Protection) Act. Increase in human population, habitat degradation and changing land use pattern have resulted in a decrease in the former range of wolf and reason for its local extinction. Indian wolf is a social animal and lives in packs. Indian wolf is known to shares their habitats with humans and uses large areas for various life history requirements. As per its large home range size, it is quite impossible to conserve such a vast landscape and even if we conserve 300 sq. km area only a single pack will be protected. The present study was initiated to evaluate the population status, space use and movement of wolves in human dominated landscape of Maharashtra, to ensure better management and conservation.

Funding Agency: Department of Science and Technology (SERB)
Researchers: Sougata Sadhukhan, Shaheer Khan

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